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Dinner with the Wolf Empress

In the last year
Change has watered me
I become a free soul
With an anchor in the woods.
She’s a guide I call the Wolf Empress
We dine together in waistcoats,
Naked beneath and my flesh
Grows goose fleshed, understands vulnerability
It’s important yet impossible to know... Continue Reading →

Embracing Impermanence

And I am so ready to open the space and be in service to others in a way that is really new for our times.

What’s Age?

what's age but a thunderclap, a gathering of voices, the smell of rain, the gift of lines connecting my birth to my death, wind that forces years up a tree, the high ladder I climb to reclaim them, and the... Continue Reading →

Period Blues: Body Wisdom

Welcome to my health series: Period Blues How it all started:  The Poll Set Backs Mainstream Options The Fight SELF-CARE ALL THE WAY (Pass it on!): Chiropractic Therapy from a neuro-focused, non-pain driven practitioner Physical Therapy: check with your doctor... Continue Reading →

Period Blues: Main-Stream Options

Welcome to my health series: Period Blues How it all started:  The Poll Set Backs The Fight Body Wisdom The Cleveland Clinic defines dysmenorrhea: Dysmenorrhea is the medical term for pain with menstruation. There are two types of dysmenorrhea: "primary" and... Continue Reading →

Period Blues: Set Backs?

Welcome to my health series: Period Blues How it all started:  The Poll The Fight Mainstream Options Body Wisdom   IS THIS ABOUT EQUALITY AND A WOMAN'S RIGHT TO EQUAL PAY? IS IT ABOUT INTOLERANCE? IS IT ABOUT FEAR? IS... Continue Reading →

Period Blues: The Fight

I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR Many women who were unsupportive or unsure of having paid-period days kept repeating that women are really strong. They stated, just be strong and take an OTC and suck it up. It’s true, woman… Continue Reading →

Does any of This Count?

  I am dead now—does any of this count? Would he ever see the sun again? Perhaps he was bound to stay in this darkness. Forever to analyze his life, forever to wonder whether donating it all would have changed... Continue Reading →


James knew with certainty, on his seventh day of death, that he could only hear living things. This difference between the world of the dead, in which he now dwelt, and the world of the living, which he missed completely,... Continue Reading →

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