Cat Over Clock

Poetry Saves the World

Rib to Rib

In the face of chaos Spring shows herself to me. Beyond measure of my body The length from toe to head, width of rib to to rib I’m just with myself. But I can be with everything else, stuck in... Continue Reading →

Vernal Equinox and the Worm Moon

I am the one who glows asks wildness of humanity controls the tides asks for nothing is worshiped and followed knows her path and purpose keeps time with the ocean bends on knees to no one loves and guide others... Continue Reading →

Dinner with the Wolf Empress

In the last year
Change has watered me
I become a free soul
With an anchor in the woods.
She’s a guide I call the Wolf Empress
We dine together in waistcoats,
Naked beneath and my flesh
Grows goose fleshed, understands vulnerability
It’s important yet impossible to know... Continue Reading →

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