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Never Die for the Man

Live. Live for love, Live for the song of the red, glass heart. Live for the earth and for pain, Live. Live for the wonder of yourself. And never, ever die for the man.

Painting Birds

Working on a little portrait of a brown bird Wet feathers. The time of your life is everyday. Cradling your organs like a baby, in your soft hands callused by pens electronics and the echo of gardening tools. We live... Continue Reading →

High Winds

They're birds. They're wingspans are wider than my arms spread wide. When they cry, they wail, they wander. Hurricanes can blow them far from water. Hurricanes. Hurricanes. Birds dig for worms in their new home. Lost from sea, far from... Continue Reading →

Worker Bird

I promised more about the birds their long noted foreign language appeals to me. The day will be over soon and there is nothing I can do. I want to bring the sun over my shoulder, a lasso around her... Continue Reading →

Grass Full of Birds

I saw you pick worms out of the lawn, sing and watch for cats, red robin. more on this later

The Symbol’s Journey

This poem is dedicated to my close friend. She just underwent a life changing surgery and it has been a scary path. The first time we had a meeting it was about poetry, I think we should circle back there... Continue Reading →

Lunch With the Birds

I lamented with the seagull as eight pinecones and four shells-- a decadent lunch--was crushed after she went hopping from a parking spot just in time. Never emerged--that woman from Michigan from the enemy car that drove off. The seagull,... Continue Reading →

The birds of Arcosanti, AZ

When you’re not paying attention

Trying to get nails Out of my black rubber shoe Glimpsed a hawk's tail And the mouse he'd caught fell Ran off toward the sunset

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