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Basil (with no middle name)

July 26, 2017 I tried to hold your paws, they were smaller, the same shape. All of us shrink when we age but sometimes we shrink early from within. I spent years timing the moments for your dinner, smelling your... Continue Reading →

Grass Full of Birds

I saw you pick worms out of the lawn, sing and watch for cats, red robin. more on this later

love does this (in October)

From every corner you are the wind in my hair and the voice that brings laughter. Our hands touch walls of corn maizes, our palms press against seams of orange pumpkins, fingers edge each drying stem. In October leaves scatter... Continue Reading →

So Big, So Small

The river at night is a dream I once had. "He's made my life so big Yet made it so small." I never ran over the ocean the wind and the rain stopped me I could never gain enough speed.... Continue Reading →

The Feline Social Hierarchy

I don't hear little voices my own voice is enough. Trailing after me in my dreams saying my cat is too thin and that I forgot to lock up before leaving. Huskily, I whisper lullabies under the shower stream begin... Continue Reading →

Watching the Blue Moon

There were three moons Each followed me down the street till i bloomed like a cereus captured my fingertips holding on tight, roots in the ground that called to me an earnest kettle There were five moons glowing against each... Continue Reading →

Mornings in January

Recently, waking to a world with fog-scapes and green grass beneath I heard the cry of a cat-- lone, hungry and waiting. She sat beneath thorn berries, heard northwestern birds, plenty to eat around them. Everything reflects in her eyes,... Continue Reading →

The Orwell Tunnel: Act One: Freeform

On a single trip through the Orwell Tunnel You wake to whiskers touching your cheeks. Snow is falling on the Abalone drum basin, Melting on your heart shaped cymbal. We all tap our feet And those girls in the room--... Continue Reading →

Life over Landscape

The creek will run again Snowflakes of April obscure Mountain outlines at the End of my lens The creek covered and angry With the wind Many miles north the land is Painted in brown and orange In between all this--cliff... Continue Reading →

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