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I have an hour before I launch— before the air becomes stiff and tight around me, and I forget how to move and breathe. In this place, I like to say that I am ready to understand myself and the... Continue Reading →


Does the sun feel scared— Looking out over earth and all she cares for? Does she fear the loss of one of her most beautiful children? The Earth, one of her closest? A beautiful ball of water and fire, circling... Continue Reading →

Never Die for the Man

Live. Live for love, Live for the song of the red, glass heart. Live for the earth and for pain, Live. Live for the wonder of yourself. And never, ever die for the man.

Unwashed Apple Seeds

Apple seeds poisoned with the elements of myself I can not swallow fill bowls around my house. They don't allow mixed fruit into this place, no hollow echos from stoneless peaches or the too sweet nectar of just one strawberry.... Continue Reading →

So Big, So Small

The river at night is a dream I once had. "He's made my life so big Yet made it so small." I never ran over the ocean the wind and the rain stopped me I could never gain enough speed.... Continue Reading →

Without These Lungs

I never bent a spoon with my mind or hung one from my nose, to continue on spinning beneath the cold stars of fame. Created sparks without friction, static or heat. Flew without wings, air or Arabian carpet rides. Sung... Continue Reading →

Rush Out

Needles take you into deep sleep. My Ambien of the Orient. Sweetness and dreams where I surrender, understand and calculate my present on mermaid scales. Finally, a scale on my terms. I want to stay on the table and heal--... Continue Reading →

You Telling Me Music and Patience

I'm at a time when the music reachesand tries to wake new places.It is good to be here,city that I don't know.Buildings that keep going up.Walking beneath themI am with you,we're just human.And you're trying to tell methe truthbut I can... Continue Reading →

Over a Weekend

I wrote on a Saturday, about my father and the world I imagined from the narrow--from the unknown.Our world is changing.I look at houses filled with lifeand everywhere we turned,another window...I couldn't shut them fast enoughand all my worries swept out the bottom... Continue Reading →

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