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Poetry Saves the World


Emily Dickinson

Rib to Rib

In the face of chaos Spring shows herself to me. Beyond measure of my body The length from toe to head, width of rib to to rib I’m just with myself. But I can be with everything else, stuck in... Continue Reading →

A Poem by Dorianne Laux

I have loved Dorianne Laux as I do Emily Dickinson. Dear Emily, I have memorized this poem written by Dorianne Laux that reminds me of you. OPP is around the corner and I am excited to recite this. I will... Continue Reading →

Dear Great Blue Judge,

The rush of the future stops for a long moment, I grasp the horns tighter than known strength. It's far off now, (the future) but I wait for judgement-- and judgement has a full morning. The bank is empty because... Continue Reading →

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