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Painting Birds

Working on a little portrait of a brown bird Wet feathers. The time of your life is everyday. Cradling your organs like a baby, in your soft hands callused by pens electronics and the echo of gardening tools. We live... Continue Reading →

The Symbol’s Journey

This poem is dedicated to my close friend. She just underwent a life changing surgery and it has been a scary path. The first time we had a meeting it was about poetry, I think we should circle back there... Continue Reading →


Soaring through The black tunnel Another poem about the train Forms on the edges of my mind We get close Listening to music And closing our eyes in A whole hearted attempt To be an invested listener Strive to learn... Continue Reading →


I have seen so many lamps and broken two as of late Bulbs and shades. Is my light going out? And when I try your unaged whiskey I am seeking the bitters And the sour cherry that says This is... Continue Reading →

October twentieth

The pathway narrows Expands and veers right We don't wander with blind eyes Green sweetness fills our heads Heartbeats quicken 'round bends Your face in the flashlight Guided by the map, I state These mazes shan't enter my sleep Peace... Continue Reading →

Here is to Plot

Lost some words today as my body wept the wrong way. Inconsiderate of time and place, the betrayal of process greeted me with urgency. Oh, how I sigh and think of sad chronic situations that I have no solution for.... Continue Reading →

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