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Basil (with no middle name)

July 26, 2017 I tried to hold your paws, they were smaller, the same shape. All of us shrink when we age but sometimes we shrink early from within. I spent years timing the moments for your dinner, smelling your... Continue Reading →

Babbling Brook

Today, like many days, the sun rose and five birds sent a loud protest to the neighbor. I remembered your shine and reached back for my favorite lines to reuse them, love them, fear them, make them immortal... The dream... Continue Reading →


The last day Layers fall upon each other We blink the dust from our eyes And try to stay conscious I can never argue enough to tempt The fates Or foil a well laid plan Layers fall perceptibly Can we... Continue Reading →


Grief Ties knots in our stomachs Nooses that get heavier with gravity Ties knots in our souls Figure eights holding our weight Ties knots in our hair Sheet bends for when we can't get out of bed. Grief makes knots... Continue Reading →

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