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Embracing Impermanence

And I am so ready to open the space and be in service to others in a way that is really new for our times.

Depression and Anxiety Lense

Hello there fellow poem readers,  So, it's like I got out my kaleidoscope tonight and can see the world differently after reading three articles. The first one is honestly hard to stomach, I got a bit defensive but there are... Continue Reading →

Balancing Act

Stomach sinks-- it's November. The body remembers the Seasons. The brain hangs itself on roadways, plows through closed signs with powered gardening tools. A few blocks flood. Sedentary days damage and correlate twenty new master challenges for sanity and loneliness.... Continue Reading →

A trial run

I tried to write a poem today and realized what I may need to do instead is write a very brave and open blog. There are some of you who may read my blog that know me a little, some... Continue Reading →

Thank you

time and again words If I don't face you directly There is meaning in the ways We heal each other everyday Beacon Shine and I will follow With light as well, We can light into the hearts Of the undead,... Continue Reading →

Closer to “Well”

Maybe it means that the air is easier to breath. That the nights are more restful, that peace descends and the spiders are no longer interested. Perhaps it means the invaders see the doors and windows as tightly locked, that... Continue Reading →

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