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Roses are pink in our yard, they glow against the lines that say "This is ours-- This is our land, our small piece of earth, to take care of, to groom. To laugh on, live life on To smile on,... Continue Reading →

Spirit House

Far down below the willow roots and breeze, someone left their soul. We waited for the full moon before asking for rights and protection, but the first night, we climbed into every nook and called the light in. Somewhere below... Continue Reading →

The Garden for Emily 

Many summers ago,I met Emily.She was clever,Never touched the ground.Camouflaged daily--many dangers awaited.Many summers ago,passed a time I was trying to get two feet down.It didn't matter if my socks matchedjust that they were the same thickness.That I could wear them... Continue Reading →


Wind blows in over water tops White caps rise, fall and roll Tempted by nature, Cliffs drop one rock at a time Into our palms We carry these rocks to a new homeStack them up against the west wallWatch water darken... Continue Reading →

October twenty-third

Today--with the chill in my bones for so many nights, the cats and I conspired that it was time to light the first fire of the season. As practiced as I may have been at gathering firewood in youth, I... Continue Reading →

Sister and the Star

Tonight a clear sky, and she sees a shooting star. A culmination of all life's energies--releasing. We live everyday, breathe, work, stretch. We dance with over seven hundred miles between us. Travels line up with smiles and tentative expectations of... Continue Reading →

Winter dreams

I started this Early, (8) for a Sunday.  But now, with coffee made, dreams written and cats cuddled, it is almost ten! People write about dreams... the who you want to be, who you could be dreams.  (And to those of... Continue Reading →

November, for a holiday

It is Thanksgiving. The sun begins to shine into this room, a new room, where my family has begun building memories. The light diffused into the curtains, I still have stars in my eyes. It is time to cream and... Continue Reading →

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