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Narrative Medicine and the Wild Woman Archetype

It is anchoring me to the book that's inside of me, yearning to spill onto a page, and it is sparking in me this desire to share the importance of narrative medicine.

Kissed by the Willamette River Sirens (Assisted by the Dead of Night)

The Siren, by John William Waterhouse (c. 1900) Public domain    "I have learned to ignore at my/ peril what my sixth sense speaks." Vargus Pike "Go with your gut--" he says, rolling the tip of my finger across the... Continue Reading →

Morning Rush

The engineer today stopped for ducklings. Abruptly. He waited very patiently For them to clear our path. Ducklings changed the course --two hundred people-- waiting suffering worrying The engineer's future is the sun on his plate. He never expected waking... Continue Reading →

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