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July 21st

Good Bye We travel our arms long, hats turned up open palms. We weep for the past the present, the future. Bleeding hearts in the garden sway in time with the souls we've seen pulled from our chests and hung... Continue Reading →

Letters to Myself

Sometimes you bore me. I glance over the rustle of leaves in your rhymes and sigh. Give me your deepest-- reveal to me what's beneath your winter coats, challenge me to see the green your blood fights off when reading... Continue Reading →

A Letter: Dear Emily (part one)

Dear Emily, I love birds, and the bobolink has been an inspirational totem for me in many dreamscapes.  His yellow hood reminding me of a Grimm Fairytale, his striped wings an omen from both worlds. I am not sure you... Continue Reading →

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