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Rib to Rib

In the face of chaos Spring shows herself to me. Beyond measure of my body The length from toe to head, width of rib to to rib I’m just with myself. But I can be with everything else, stuck in... Continue Reading →

Never Die for the Man

Live. Live for love, Live for the song of the red, glass heart. Live for the earth and for pain, Live. Live for the wonder of yourself. And never, ever die for the man.

Basil (with no middle name)

July 26, 2017 I tried to hold your paws, they were smaller, the same shape. All of us shrink when we age but sometimes we shrink early from within. I spent years timing the moments for your dinner, smelling your... Continue Reading →

Lost Pens

I like New Mexican dreams, thirty years ago i was a child running there. Twenty years ago I was wild running on a Florida beach, but I could see the veil both times and it got thinner as the years... Continue Reading →

Watching the Gray World

In the gray morning wake to find two eyes judging the moment when the sun interrupts this wet slate floating a waxing paradise of consternation. We're meant to echo we're meant to follow we're meant to hold on I couldn't... Continue Reading →


When it was still October a sad time to wait, I held your hands in mine with bated breath and wept. Left pieces of myself with you, in your snow covered lashes, with your spinning arms in the leaves, leaves... Continue Reading →

Basil (with no middle name)

   I urged you. Gentle, kind behemoth hands to your frame, small and full of bugs. They were a test to us. Everyday intelligent bacteria reign over the ending-- yet create lovely spindles of joy, flowers in the garden and... Continue Reading →

Banana Day

Søren Kierkegaard says, “Poets scream and cry in agony, but when they do it their lips are so formed that it comes out as beautiful music. When we say to the poets, 'Sing to us,' we’re saying, 'May new disasters... Continue Reading →


I dug after your life with my longing and cold grasp on the facts. Webs circled and crossed my head I couldn't see them I just saw you, trying to clear the gap with all science and nature afforded you.... Continue Reading →

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