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Wet Paper Circles

Do I need to just keep writing you? Staring out from behind glasses, I focus The bus stops I don't get off anywhere And the city rolls out behind me with its ivy and its replaced houses We peak in... Continue Reading →

Moon Call, Downtown Lights Want It All

In the light, your face opens like a turning moon and I creep into a little pool of your light. Bring me across the river where I can sprawl on the bank and call this whole place my dreary home... Continue Reading →

Night of the Show

What will you do when the crowd sings with you off key and changes the lyrics word by word. Oh, and if by chance the weather was glaringly sunny when you felt pouring rain was in order, I could have... Continue Reading →

October ninth

She Dances, Sleeps Settling in tired skin Mind wanders, gets lost, falters When will she awake? Years balloon before her eyes Caught up in a landslide of trouble Relax and let your mind go

October third

Wash Wash The glass sparkles, laying molecules On a tight rope in a pebble garden We seek knowledge in this den Full of ficus trees and Persian carpets Patterns hidden beneath the guests At my October tea party. The full... Continue Reading →

October second

Here to follow Follow you into the lands Lands of Elysian Fields Fields that flow forever Forever breaking your focus Focus on your breath and light Light the way though the unknown Unknown future


Morning of sleepy eyes Lingering images float but forget Not able to make it to the surface Each night I feed you pieces of me Lost in the Martin realm With a cloak of black around me The power is... Continue Reading →

oh where… peace?

Quietly, you step foot through A doorway into time and longing. Heartbeats can't beat this way, Forever Long hours with whiskey, water And skirt hems that kiss your ankles. I can't go, can't see what painted Sunsets were encountered At... Continue Reading →

Winter for Frost and Soot

27 Degrees My ears prickling against the fire heat As one side of my body warms-- The other freezes. Frost spreads across Glass panes that are windows Into our souls. Soot spreads across Glass panes that are windows Into our... Continue Reading →

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