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Plug phys.eee.ol.Oh.gee

Sound breaks into me knows I stretch my mouth wider.  Yawns taste clapping hands.   

Your trouble and mine

The trees are all lined up As if they asked for order And you stop at a red light With an unsuspected Unmarked detour Play me your favorite song From a b side Of my favorite band And we launch... Continue Reading →

Monday Night Show

Paper airplanes take the stage three, four at a time. Fire threatens eardrums roaring from the past, palm trees lost to the sun. The pulse in my arches speaks, guides the visual concepts keeping me awake at night. And as... Continue Reading →

Highway of the Ancients

That highway, remember the black asphalt paved way to the Ancients? Well, tonight I took it again. Over the hills and the winding curves, through collected rocks and beyond the rise that meets dusk. With spindly tree limbs teasing the... Continue Reading →

Night of the Show

What will you do when the crowd sings with you off key and changes the lyrics word by word. Oh, and if by chance the weather was glaringly sunny when you felt pouring rain was in order, I could have... Continue Reading →

It was a Saturday

Summer poked its head out Among many Asking us not to drink the water I slaved away over plot and word And greeted the singing birds It was a Saturday Breathless with stomach full Of unhappiness I still drank coffee... Continue Reading →


Hands we held over Table tops And above sidewalks Seem to disappear under The light of your eyes I will seek to make Adjustments Only to the tune of truth Relative As it is The land provides an Unspoiled view... Continue Reading →

Dear Valentine,

The place with guitar wings that inspires my cells-- At attention. Attention! Details are in the making. I was over the moon in a shape shifting conspiratory spy ship, gliding and my cells were At attention Attention! Details fill the... Continue Reading →

Vega by Midnite: upcoming shows

Hello fellow music lovers, Vega by Midnite has a few rock music shows coming up in the Portland area. On January 25th, they will be playing with cover band Kinked (who cover--you've guessed it--The Kinks) at McMenamin's White Eagle. On... Continue Reading →

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