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Kisses of October

Your sounds in the night are soft with wild heartbeats getting you through each curve ball in the subconscious. My arms tangle around the fur of the cats and your right forearm. Sleep can get me. I swallow and lumps... Continue Reading →

Kisses Kissing Kisses -Revisited-

Under starlight, you placed your lips on mine. Kisses met in the air just as the cool summer met my calves. Shiver under the chill of starlight that kisses Earth, two stars caught, met in darkness. Au the distance: us... Continue Reading →

love does this (in October)

From every corner you are the wind in my hair and the voice that brings laughter. Our hands touch walls of corn maizes, our palms press against seams of orange pumpkins, fingers edge each drying stem. In October leaves scatter... Continue Reading →

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