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Period Blues: Body Wisdom

Welcome to my health series: Period Blues How it all started:  The Poll Set Backs Mainstream Options The Fight SELF-CARE ALL THE WAY (Pass it on!): Chiropractic Therapy from a neuro-focused, non-pain driven practitioner Physical Therapy: check with your doctor... Continue Reading →

Never Die for the Man

Live. Live for love, Live for the song of the red, glass heart. Live for the earth and for pain, Live. Live for the wonder of yourself. And never, ever die for the man.

Dear Great Blue Judge,

The rush of the future stops for a long moment, I grasp the horns tighter than known strength. It's far off now, (the future) but I wait for judgement-- and judgement has a full morning. The bank is empty because... Continue Reading →

The Appy

The world flies by as a cold memory finds me. Very sharp the knife in my abdomen-- perfect cuts-- the blade shouldn't miss. Cold memory's held in the body while the mind slept. While I drifted there were whispers of... Continue Reading →

A Song with many Flaws

Living inside my uterus Is a song with many flaws The pulse issues uneven Blood fills and pools Metaphors, The meat of the pain, I can't tip-toe around The silence they represent. Coming to play for the party Is a... Continue Reading →

Ink and Pen

And paper smelled of pain. The generations of scribbles read together as lost words that couldn't connect the rolling of empty train cars with the people that had to empty them. Who owns letting paper turn to ash? Perhaps us... Continue Reading →

Paper Cuts

I wrote a poem today. One that cast my shadow against the long grass, dried and brittle at the sun's request. On the breeze I caught a whiff of pain but when asked to describe it the words were too... Continue Reading →

October first

Puddle on the bed The angry cries of the cat Have called me from deep slumber He is hurt and cannot move Curled in the warm spot against me The angry cries of the cat Crows warn through the cold... Continue Reading →

Ambiguious philosophy

Statement: Pain is always measured and variable. Conclusion: comfort and peace must then be constant must be inestimable. But what about pain makes us want to measure it? Do we measure our emotional pain the same way we measure our... Continue Reading →

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