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Poetry Saves the World



Dear Pacific,

Alone in the shower I wash the foam of you dried ocean foam from my hips. This water cannot clean like the ocean cannot strip me bare like the ocean. Yesterday with you-- I was the flower in a clam,... Continue Reading →

Dear Great Blue Judge,

The rush of the future stops for a long moment, I grasp the horns tighter than known strength. It's far off now, (the future) but I wait for judgement-- and judgement has a full morning. The bank is empty because... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginnings

Portland Library from 11th Ave. The beginning of knowledge, of inspiration...awe

Music Night

Shadow Cast by Painted Man

Ready to Bolt

Raindrops fill a paper cup One hundred forty lines of music Orchestrated by a lightening strike What was once empty Will fill What was once ridged Will smooth Raindrops accumulate in our hearts Until all that needs washed away Joins... Continue Reading →

Photography: Cattle Life

Image courtesy of photographer Katie Grannan Poetry: Cattle Afterlife

June in the Sidecar

Yes, this puppy is ready for anything!

Grass-Morning Drink

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