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Raining Blank apparition Showing no color, no happiness No anger, no fire No empathy, no allegiance No order Nothing Raining Caught in landfills intended For others leftovers and wastes Precious words Precious sounds Precious minutes Precious hands cradling yours They... Continue Reading →

Random love of crying over books and Sylvia Plath

Loves, I believe in love. Many winters ago I remember seeing geese huddled beneath a neighbor's porch during a snow storm.  Thirty of them pressed so close against the bricks of the foundation. The snow fell in huge flakes, creating... Continue Reading →


He fell, dreaming of flying Violent spring wind Subdued caw formed, sound lost To all ears but family Standing sentry, black Against wild blue and green limbs Snapped young white bones Repaired in her soft hands Wait for a wild... Continue Reading →

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