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Temporary River

Cricket, you've crawled out of your den Suddenly you are back-up The sound of falling Rushing and sacred water has Stolen your spotlight. Cricket, I bid you a happy afterlife The cats get you, pull off a leg And return... Continue Reading →

Some other god

I never wrote about the thunder Last week when the aquifers filled And the high stalks of hollyhocks Grew ever tall, the sunflowers towered Awoke today to grey clouds The song this evening was the rain We felt honored with... Continue Reading →

From the north-west

Will it be another day of monsoon? Clouds billow in from the north. The world talks now, repeating once and again its wild call in short whistle. Breath, breathe, sound Breath, breathe, sound And the tempo changes just slightly From... Continue Reading →

After-rain temperate

Change Slow steady and brilliant Eyes pool with shimmering Laughs, birds calling You are beside me The air is after-rain temperate The sun rises into its blue sky Two nights hence the moon waned The sun rose into a grey... Continue Reading →

Geese, Away

Night swells I wonder where the geese Have flown to, worry that they have Left this mountain town forever "They have gone north and another Bird has come up from the south" Echo a lost biology lecture I can see... Continue Reading →

Summer Part One

Cool air on my face The summer solstice greets us Heat trapped beneath Skin so hot, he felt My body in yellow light Sleep still hanging on His eyelids flitter To see me and happily Close once more, resting She... Continue Reading →


Some say that it is not the destination, but the journey... I have more. In blackness we walk, clouds that never burst But always swell, are the only sky. Surround us. Corners are turned, unleashing the creatures that don’t exist.... Continue Reading →


The pavement already changed its grey to blend into the darkness of the day. Silence washes over the trees for now, the chilled wind picking a path to me, flushing. It is not the acres of forest waiting, longing for... Continue Reading →

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