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Period Blues: Body Wisdom

Welcome to my health series: Period Blues How it all started:  The Poll Set Backs Mainstream Options The Fight SELF-CARE ALL THE WAY (Pass it on!): Chiropractic Therapy from a neuro-focused, non-pain driven practitioner Physical Therapy: check with your doctor... Continue Reading →

Moon Call, Downtown Lights Want It All

In the light, your face opens like a turning moon and I creep into a little pool of your light. Bring me across the river where I can sprawl on the bank and call this whole place my dreary home... Continue Reading →

Letters to Myself

Sometimes you bore me. I glance over the rustle of leaves in your rhymes and sigh. Give me your deepest-- reveal to me what's beneath your winter coats, challenge me to see the green your blood fights off when reading... Continue Reading →

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