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Sigur Rós

April 12th. Sigur Rós.

You, I cherish you This one, this one All the stars shine behind your voice A stage set with man made lights Returns me to fields outside Each image evokes an emotion Each note fills the soul All the stars... Continue Reading →

Rain or Shine– Sigur Rós at Hollywood Forever Cemetery

It was shine The field beneath us was thick And footprints flattened each blade As they went in twos Toward the stage, an alter For the musicians of Iceland The sky was livid in greys and purples Palms kissing just... Continue Reading →

It is May

May shopping over the thoughts that zip and lock is better I tied down my hands but they Went free Idle clarity, weaving into the last threads. Hanging onto the ends I dream of moving into a big white space... Continue Reading →

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