Cat Over Clock

Poetry Saves the World



Rush Out

Needles take you into deep sleep. My Ambien of the Orient. Sweetness and dreams where I surrender, understand and calculate my present on mermaid scales. Finally, a scale on my terms. I want to stay on the table and heal--... Continue Reading →

Back in Time–she dreams at night

Feet easily find blanketswarmth soothes a wasting mind The early rest begins herehead cradled by neck kink on one arm of white dyed leatherbroken in body prints, soft on the skin Beginning with fits of dreams eyelids close, resolve to find peace in the... Continue Reading →

October first

Puddle on the bed The angry cries of the cat Have called me from deep slumber He is hurt and cannot move Curled in the warm spot against me The angry cries of the cat Crows warn through the cold... Continue Reading →

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