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Kisses Kissing Kisses -Revisited-

Under starlight, you placed your lips on mine. Kisses met in the air just as the cool summer met my calves. Shiver under the chill of starlight that kisses Earth, two stars caught, met in darkness. Au the distance: us... Continue Reading →

Without These Lungs

I never bent a spoon with my mind or hung one from my nose, to continue on spinning beneath the cold stars of fame. Created sparks without friction, static or heat. Flew without wings, air or Arabian carpet rides. Sung... Continue Reading →

October sixteenth

Would it ever hurt to leavethose moments of staring into the mountains?The light tower on Mount Elden— I cry for it, not knowing what will becomeof the heart lost within boulders, greyagainst  the sky and the far off sea. Seven points make... Continue Reading →

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