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I have an hour before I launch— before the air becomes stiff and tight around me, and I forget how to move and breathe. In this place, I like to say that I am ready to understand myself and the... Continue Reading →

Rib to Rib

In the face of chaos Spring shows herself to me. Beyond measure of my body The length from toe to head, width of rib to to rib I’m just with myself. But I can be with everything else, stuck in... Continue Reading →

Worker Bird

I promised more about the birds their long noted foreign language appeals to me. The day will be over soon and there is nothing I can do. I want to bring the sun over my shoulder, a lasso around her... Continue Reading →

The Dove

Against the morning, eking its way into what Has become today, I see your silhouette the soft lines of you Against the softness Of sunrise How the sun and you Exchange whispers "Have a good day, little bird." "Enjoy the... Continue Reading →

Revisit Warmth

Settle sun, you warm me when I fall behind in gratitude and need to see you to remember. The cold floor comes to claim tears before they stain it with salt. Settle sun, I ask on the days, the voice... Continue Reading →

Dear Sunshine, I bathed in your forgotten September warmth, wishing the deep pain from any movement had vanished overnight with the rain clouds. While whiskers hit my ankles, curious-- And steam rose out of my tea. From the shadow of... Continue Reading →

Going Out West

Being grateful about their move Is a coin that bares guilt on the other side I can really see the sun today, bright Clear. April's cry "Make-no-mistake I am still Winter! In the north the icy, icy wind chills straight... Continue Reading →

Future Cat Space

Curled up in the brown Exploring comfort In the voices around She has six toes If she speaks, hears or Sees evil, I don't know I move her to another place With sunshine warming the grey Eyes curious as I... Continue Reading →

Small movement

Facing east The color of the crowd was Red holiday We wore the same shoes Only a few strands of your hair moved When you changed your mind to See the setting sun As she shone with pride in November

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