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Never Die for the Man

Live. Live for love, Live for the song of the red, glass heart. Live for the earth and for pain, Live. Live for the wonder of yourself. And never, ever die for the man.

Follow the Night Shade

Her garden was over grown The night shade ran down into the crack in the earth where eyes aren't the same-- Where the blinding brilliance of the sun doesn't linger, doesn't catch in pools on water, isn't magic. If you... Continue Reading →

The Bridge

Adagio in G you were with me until I reached the bridge-- your harmony followed forlorn, inviting, giving, ending as my last steps fell close enough to see the water caressing with cool credence its solo, defined path. My eyes... Continue Reading →


You are the one I see as the sea. The one. The sun shines off you and it is in a glimmering, blinding moment that you surge— your hands and fingers are waves that pour downward, backward over your own... Continue Reading →

It was a Saturday

Summer poked its head out Among many Asking us not to drink the water I slaved away over plot and word And greeted the singing birds It was a Saturday Breathless with stomach full Of unhappiness I still drank coffee... Continue Reading →

Molecule by molecule

Molecule by molecule We walk within this disguise In the early November Each leaf that has fallen Is followed by three more Unique in each adaptation Of Fibonacci Molecule by molecule We wait to hear steal crashing Built into something... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Niagara

She sighs Deep at the end of adventure day And snuggled into down on the Expanse of the last hotel bed. It's like violets in a field during summer Somewhere like she imagines Canada Could be in warm months. She... Continue Reading →


Wind blows in over water tops White caps rise, fall and roll Tempted by nature, Cliffs drop one rock at a time Into our palms We carry these rocks to a new homeStack them up against the west wallWatch water darken... Continue Reading →

October seventh

She ran out of mercy Stretched her arms around the sun And burned Long walks about the night Began to quench the thirst But naught could soothe the skin She ran out of patience Stretched her neck into the well... Continue Reading →

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