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The Dove

Against the morning, eking its way into what Has become today, I see your silhouette the soft lines of you Against the softness Of sunrise How the sun and you Exchange whispers "Have a good day, little bird." "Enjoy the... Continue Reading →

“Higher Forces at Work”

My father --the one with my DNA-- wrote. Grew up in Youngstown and had an interest in antiques. Loved a family once, with two little girls, a beautiful wife that looks like Shelly Long from Cheers. He went where everybody... Continue Reading →

Plots in the Maze

Silence sits. My heart wanders in connections long past spent. Gaps sealed with concrete "This is easy. All you need to break through Is laughter" I tell myself "And the pages will write themselves-- The end will become clear as... Continue Reading →

Oh, January! I divulge…

Hello readers, 2010: A blog is my new mystery. What will it become? When will I finish the novel I started? Should I talk about my novel? Today is the first day I share a lot about my novel on... Continue Reading →

The History of Love and a letter for Nicole Krauss

Readers, Recently I received some feedback on how to improve a book review.  It was good feed back and I copied down the details so that I could incorporate them into future book reviews. I dare say that I will... Continue Reading →

Random love of crying over books and Sylvia Plath

Loves, I believe in love. Many winters ago I remember seeing geese huddled beneath a neighbor's porch during a snow storm.  Thirty of them pressed so close against the bricks of the foundation. The snow fell in huge flakes, creating... Continue Reading →

October twenty-third

Today--with the chill in my bones for so many nights, the cats and I conspired that it was time to light the first fire of the season. As practiced as I may have been at gathering firewood in youth, I... Continue Reading →

postcard from the end of summer The sky swept in for us Laughing under colors of light Sharing secrets from the birds we knew Eyes locked over streets we've never seen A million footprints to pair upon tomorrow.

October sixteenth

Would it ever hurt to leavethose moments of staring into the mountains?The light tower on Mount Elden— I cry for it, not knowing what will becomeof the heart lost within boulders, greyagainst  the sky and the far off sea. Seven points make... Continue Reading →

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