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I have seen so many lamps and broken two as of late Bulbs and shades. Is my light going out? And when I try your unaged whiskey I am seeking the bitters And the sour cherry that says This is... Continue Reading →

The Cupcake Table

"Elliot, we miss you," said the man, he stood surrounded by shining hats-- held his microphone with grace. And after the sunset you could watch the headlights pass in smokey impressions against the ceiling paint. As if they were ghosts... Continue Reading →

Dinner it is

It will have to be dinner. The overhead lights Bother my eyes as I take Myself a seat But there's no moving now The frost comes and I realize I am not in the state of mind for lunch today... Continue Reading →

Lunch on the Train

Twenty five of us not so much jammed in above the wheels this early evening moment trying not to give spasm to a thickly fabriced shoulder or touch a red sleeve. Reading over your shoulder maybe I learn you want... Continue Reading →

Lunch With the Birds

I lamented with the seagull as eight pinecones and four shells-- a decadent lunch--was crushed after she went hopping from a parking spot just in time. Never emerged--that woman from Michigan from the enemy car that drove off. The seagull,... Continue Reading →

Cold Seattle Night Starbuck

Seattle Scared. Middle of the street lights reflect on wide, dark windows into her desperate present. It is very hot, and as she takes it into her two small hands, she is so careful to get it to her face--inhales.... Continue Reading →


On the streetcar with the house- covered hills passing by, the woman whose world just flooded overnight grins at me. "God must have really liked it," she says. "There is so much of it." "Of what?" To my inquiry she... Continue Reading →

Vega by Midnite: upcoming shows

Hello fellow music lovers, Vega by Midnite has a few rock music shows coming up in the Portland area. On January 25th, they will be playing with cover band Kinked (who cover--you've guessed it--The Kinks) at McMenamin's White Eagle. On... Continue Reading →


Through the lit window Shining eyes over pages Moss thick trees mourn her

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