Recently, I went to get a massage for my awful migraine and when the masseuse began the cranial sacral work, he also started to talk to me about Throat Chakras and commenced to give me some psycho therapy in addition to my massage therapy.  I am soft-spoken, yes… so much so that irritation can often come on the heals of those trying to actually hear me… and I get irritated too, when they CAN hear me, yet they choose to comment anyway…. (this irritation is in reference to the complete strangers on the phone).  It turns out, I really wanted to hear another perspective on how to work with speaking up, and I have some new places to go now.  His line of questioning and insight brought me back to chakras and their meanings.  My awareness of chakras is not very extensive.   Blue is the color of the throat chakra… I wonder if it is a coincidence that I bought a shiny blue necklace right around the time I was fighting for a voice December? I have plans to visit the subject more frequently.

I look forward to seeing the ocean this weekend.  Seeing the blue placid surfaces.  I look forward to tomorrow when I will act, and in this acting, I will use my voice to share and spread laughter.  Amazing what laughter can do.   I think about the throat chakra and how ones honesty with oneself can affect is functionality.  I am using some of my new skills so that I can render the assignment tomorrow as a part of art and not get sucked into my thinking that it could be detrimental to this particular chakra since it is acting, and acting is a form of “lying.”  It is important for me to recognize the difference there, to know that the purpose underlying “acting” in this venue is not to deceive, but rather to entertain.  That is the evidence, and I control my own behavior and always work to be honest.   Being honest with myself is so often the most difficult and I know it is one of the largest factors in my capability to speak up for myself.  A person knowing what they want is not underrated.  We seek happiness and peace, and with that, so comes our voice.

(Yes, so, someday, comes our voice).